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What is a Planned Unit Development?

· land use,subdivisions,urban planning,residential zoning

By: Rand Campbell

A Planned Unit Development, or a “PUD”, is a land use control which ensures that future development in an area will be efficient, orderly and be able to provide the community with its necessary amenities. The term PUD is used to describe both a type of development, like a subdivision, and a regulatory process that developers must go through when planning what and where to build within a new development area.

Although commonly used for new residential subdivisions, PUDs can also include commercial, industrial, and recreational uses, visitor attractions, and public gathering areas. Generally speaking, a PUD can enhance the livability and efficiency of an urban area by setting aside space for parks, ensuring that street systems are laid out in an orderly fashion, and providing an efficient system for extension of utilities.

Rand Campbell is a recent graduate of Willamette Law. Rand is interested in practicing land use law in Central and Eastern Oregon.

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