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Upper Deschutes State Scenic Waterway Limited Segment Review​

Will Van Vactor to Serve as Volunteer Co-facilitator for Upper Deschutes Scenic Waterway Rules Review

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By Will Van Vactor

Since early this fall, as a volunteer co-facilitator through Community Solutions of Central Oregon, I have been preparing to help facilitate a discussion about the State's scenic waterway rules for the Upper Deschutes. This month, we began engaging the stakeholders with a series of orientations. Over the early part fo 2017 we will continue the conversation and discuss basic questions like:

  • Are the current rules still helpful and relevant?
  • Do the rules still serve the community and state scenic waterway needs?

A number of stakeholders have been invited to participate in the discussion. A complete list can be found here. In addition to the stakeholders, we are asking the public participate through a crowdsourcing page Community Solutions has developed. On this page, you can select a specific prompt to respond to and then provide your thoughts.

Facilitation is a process that helps promote group interaction amongst participants, allowing each to explore new ideas and recognize the contributions of others. A facilitator is a third-party neutral that helps guide the discussion. The facilitator has no authority to make any decisions. In this case, Community Solutions will provide an interim and final report to the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department Director.

Please review the prompts on Community Solutions' crowdsourcing page and share your thoughts.

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