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Updating Wildlife Inventory

Wildlife Protection for Deschutes County

By: Sierra Myers

The Bend Bulletin recently reported that in response to concerns over the sensitive wildlife habitats and species in Deschutes County, the County Commission is debating whether to apply for a $75,000 grant to pay for consultants and staff to update the inventory.

The inventory was constructed back in 1980/90's and has not been updated since. This issue came to light after it became a "'point of contention' in a handful of county proposals that would change the zoning rules around the farm, forest and flood plan lands" (Visser). If the county is awarded this grant, it would help develop strategies to address housing, wildfire, and water waste issues to help further the inventory to protect wildlife habitat loss and possible fragmentation.

The reason the inventory hasn't been updated in the past 25 years is that there is no state rule requiring the update.

The decision of the recipient of the grant will be made in December, 2019.

Sierra Myers obtained her Paralegal certification through Boston University and is now working for Van Vactor Law, LLC as a Legal Assistant.

Van Vactor Law LLC is a  land use law firm in Deschutes County.


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