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Tiny Houses for Veterans

Tiny Houses being Developed as Affordable Housing for Veterans

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By: Will Van Vactor

Clackamas County is allowing the development of a tiny house cluster on industrial land. The tiny houses will be used by veterans as they transition to permanent housing. Due to existing land use and building codes, developing tiny house clusters for residential use can be a challenge. As a land use attorney, I was curious how Clackamas County overcame this hurdle.

To help veterans and assist with the affordable housing problem here in Oregon, Clackamas County amended its land use ordinance to allow transitional housing in industrial zones. This amendment does not allow permanent use of tiny houses, but it is an important step towards helping provide necessary housing to veterans in need.

Will Van Vactor is the founder of Van Vactor Law LLC. Will is an Oregon attorney. His practice focuses on land use, real estate, and mediation. You can reach him at [email protected] and 541-233-8517.

Tiny houses and Oregon land use


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