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SB 287 (2019): Regarding Establishment of Farm Breweries on Farmland  

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By: Rand Campbell

New legislation may allow beer brewers to build breweries and tasting rooms at Oregon hop farms. On March 12, Senate Bill (SB) 287 unanimously passed the Senate and has had its first reading in the House of Representatives. If passed, the bill would allow beer brewers to grow hops, make beer, have tasting rooms, serve brewer’s lunches and dinners, and host events at their farm brewery on land zoned Exclusive Farm Use (EFU).

Although the bill may be a new tool for driving agritourism at hop farms, it’s not an entirely new idea. For years, wine and cider makers have been making and selling their products at vineyards and orchards on farmland. SB 287 would extend similar rights to beer brewing activities on agricultural land where beer is made.

Please note this post was made in March of 2019, so the Bill may not progress, or it may be amended. Here is a link to the bill as of March 15, 2019. You can keep track of SB 287 by tracking it with the legislative tracking system.

Rand Campbell is a law student at Willamette Law. When he graduates in 2019, Rand is interested in practicing land use law in Central and Eastern Oregon. After serving as an extern for the firm this past summer, Rand is now working for Van Vactor Law LLC as law clerk.

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