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How Will the New Bend UGB Impact Local Business?

Answer Discussed Generally in a Recent Article I Wrote for Cascade Business News

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By: Will Van Vactor​​

The new urban growth boundary ("UGB") and related comprehensive plan amendments will provide exciting opportunities for local businesses and developers. I recently a wrote an article for Cascade Business News on this topic. You can read the article here. Below is a brief summary.

What Areas are Impacted by the UGB Amendment?

The UGB amendment is an amendment to the City of Bend's Comprehensive Plan (previously called the General Plan). Through the UGB amendment process, not only did the UGB expand to bring certain rural areas inside the boundary for urban development, the comprehensive plan amendments also emphasized the need to redevelop certain "opportunity areas" inside the existing UGB to allow for better land use. As a result, the amendments make available some rural land for urban development, while also encouraging infill and redevelopment in existing urban areas.

How Will the UGB Amendment Impact Bend Businesses?

With a focus on urban infill, new and different land uses will be allowed in already developed opportunity areas. For businesses already located in these opportunity areas, they may be able to expand operations to include uses previously prohibited by zoning regulations.. Or, businesses may choose to locate in these areas to take advantage of the mixed-use development the City of Bend is encouraging.

Where the UGB will expand, areas that are not developed or are developed with rural uses will be available for denser urban development. These areas will need to first be annexed by the City of Bend. These areas may provide an opportunity for businesses that have had trouble finding the right property inside the old UGB.

Next Steps

Businesses looking to taking advantage of the UGB amendments should be pro-active. In many cases, to get a better idea of when, where, and how the UGB amendments may impact your specific business, talking to the planning department about your plans is a good idea.

Will Van Vactor is the founder of Van Vactor Law LLC. Will is an Oregon attorney. His practice focuses on land use, real estate, and mediation. You can reach him at [email protected] and 541-233-8517, or follow on twitter @willvanvactor.

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